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the Sale: "Price is POWER!"

The first step to buying or selling any home is to find out the PRICE.
For sellers, what price to list for? Your agent or an appraiser can help!
For buyers, what price to offer? Your lender can help!

Here are some local Mortgage/Lending Companies you can contact for pre-approval,
so when you find your dream home, you can submit a strong and
attractive offer . . .
now that's POWER!

Mortgage/Lending Specialists:

Traditional Property Lending

Non-traditional Property Lending

Vacation Property Lending

Commercial Property Lending

Construction/Building Lending

the Sale: "Preparation is POWER!"

The next step is to make sure the home you are buying or selling is in good condition.
After an accepted offer, there is usually a 10-day window when buyers and sellers are allowed to test and inspect the home.
These 10 days will FLY by in no time if you are not prepared.
hether a buyer or a seller, this list will help you prepare for a successful sale . . .
now that's POWER!

Septic Testing (for sellers)

Well/Water Testing (for sellers)

Home Inspectors (for buyers)

Radon Testing (for buyers)

AFTER the Sale: "Presentation is POWER!"
We've save the best for last. Whether buying your first starter-home or your next dream lake home, homeownership should be fun! Maybe you love to tackle new DYI home-improvement projects, but maybe you don't even know where to start. These great local contact are people you can count on for small home repairs or a grand first-impression presentation . . .
now that's POWER!

Home Improvement

Pet Care

  • Day Care: Premier Pet Lodge at 320-372-2148 / info@premierpetlodge.com

Service Providers

Outdoor Services