The Challenges Of Selling A Home With Kids

Dated: 06/12/2020

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The 4 Biggest Challenges When Selling a Home with Kids
By: Kris Louis --

Every home sale has its challenges. You may be selling a fixer-upper, competing for buyers in a slow market, or trying to unload a home quickly before relocating for a new job.

While most sellers can navigate these challenges with grace, there’s one that consistently throws homeowners for a loop: selling a house where kids live. From what to do with the toys taking over your home to how to handle showings with kids, here’s how parents can tackle these challenges head-on and get their home sold.

Decluttering the Playroom

Having kids introduces a lot more clutter to the home. Whether your kids are 5 months or 5 years old, there are signs of their presence everywhere you look. For sellers, the first challenge is figuring out how to hide kids’ clutter without forcing them into a spartan existence.

There are lots of solutions for tidying up kids’ stuff, like storing video games in a decorative basket, diaper changing supplies in a storage ottoman, or kids’ toys in a repurposed dresser. However, don’t underestimate the impact of getting things out of the house. By packing up all but your kids’ favorite books, toys, games, etc., you make what remains easier to organize.

Keeping the Place Clean

Decluttering also makes everyday clean-up much easier. Without a bunch of stuff to navigate around, you can quickly tidy up and wipe surfaces before prospective buyers arrive.

However, even with your best efforts, messes will happen. Kids have to be fed, changed, and bathed. Inevitably, these signs of daily life will creep back into your home.

Rather than letting clutter tank your home sale or driving yourself crazy trying to maintain a spotless home, spend the money on a housekeeper. Not only will a housekeeping service keep your house looking great, but housekeepers can help with laundry, meal prep, and other tasks on your to-do list too.

Staging Kids’ Rooms

Selling a house calls for more than cleanliness. Sellers also need to stage their homes to appeal to buyers’ sensibilities. But while model homes offer a great example for staging living areas, there’s less guidance when it comes to staging children’s bedrooms.

Some sellers opt to stage every bedroom in the house with adult décor, but turning kids’ bedrooms into guest rooms and home offices isn’t always the right move. If you’re selling in a family-friendly market, keeping kids’ rooms as kids’ rooms could help you appeal to families. However, that doesn’t mean you should keep bright paint colors and themed décor. A toned-down kids’ room lets families picture themselves in your home while keeping spaces flexible enough for anyone to love. Repaint with neutral colors and use fun accessories like patterned throw pillows and playful artwork to add kid-friendly flair.

Scheduling Showings

Your final challenge as a parent is coordinating showings and open houses. It’s important to keep your schedule open to accommodate as many prospective buyers as possible. Unfortunately for parents, this often means interrupting nap times and racing to get kids out of the house last minute. To minimize stress, set ground rules with your real estate agent. Establishing hours when your home is unavailable or requesting a few hours notice takes the stress out of showings while still accommodating buyers. Once everyone is loaded up and ready to go, head to a park, visit the library, or see a film at the dollar theater.

Selling a house is intimidating for parents who already have a full schedule. How can you manage selling a home when working and raising a family takes up all of your time? While selling a house always comes with challenges, following these tips will make selling your home easier than you ever imagined.

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